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SSBTR International Webinar Lecture Series Day: 2021 February 27 (Saturday) IST 16:45 Hour

Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research (SSBTR) is a registered (and also both 12A & 80G certified) not-for-profit scientific society organizes an International Webinar Series Lectures on Translational Systems Biology. 

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Day: 2021-Feb-27 (Saturday)  Time: IST 17:00 Hour

# Speaker: Prof. Jan-Hendrik (Jannie) Hofmeyr
Title: The Metabolic Marketplace: How the cellular economy of supply and demand is regulated
Abstract: A central tenet of systems biology is that organisms, cells, genes and proteins are complex structures whose relationships and properties are largely determined by their functional organisation. In terms of functional organisation cellular metabolism can be regarded as a chain of coupled factories: a catabolic factory transforms nutrients into carbon skeletons and captures chemical energy and reducing power. These catabolic products serve as input to an anabolic factory that synthesizes the building blocks for macromolecular syntheses (amino acids, nucleotides, simple lipids, etc.). The factories for protein, polynucleotide, complex carbohydrate and lipid synthesis form the end of the chain and lead to growth. I show how this view of the functional organisation of the cell underlies a quantitative formalism and a general theory for understanding the cell as an integrated molecular economy of coupled supply and demand systems that have evolved regulatory mechanisms that enable them to fulfil specific functions such as control of flux or homeostatic maintenance of metabolite concentrations.
Jan-Hendrik (Jannie) Hofmeyr is Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and has been a member of the Biochemistry Department at the Stellenbosch University since 1975. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1986 at the University of Stellenbosch. His research of the past 40 years has been in the fields of metabolic control analysis and computational systems biology where his main focus has been the understanding of the regulatory design of metabolism. He also co-directed the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition where an additional research focus was the functional organisation that underlies cellular self-fabrication. He is a Fellow and was President of the Royal Society of South Africa, and is a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa. He is a founder member and served as Vice President of the International Society for Code Biology. 

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