Saturday, 3 October 2015

Journals in Systems Biology

Following journals are devoted to publish articles in the area of Systems Biology:
  1. Biosystems
  2. BMC Systems Biology (open access)
  3. Frontiers in Systems Biology (open access)
  4. Gene Regulation and Systems Biology
  5. IET Systems Biology
  6. In Silico Biology (open access) 
  7. International Journal of Systems Biology (open access)  
  8. Journal of Biological Systems 
  9. Journal of Computational Systems Biology (open access)  
  10. Molecular BioSystems 
  11. Molecular Systems Biology (open access)  
  12. OMICS 
  13. Systems Biology and Applications  (open access)
  14. Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine (open access)  
  15. Systems Biomedicine (open access)  
  16. WIREs Systems Biology and Medicine (only review articles, open access)  
  17. Annals of Systems Biology (open access)
  18. Avens Journal of Metabolomics & Systems Biology (open access)
Following journals publish articles in the area of Systems Biology with specific domain applications (Bio-informatics, Computational Biology or Omic science) :
  1. EURASIP Journal of Bioinformatics & Systems Biology (open access) 
  2. International Journal of Computer Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 
  3. Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology (open access) 
  4. Journal of Metabolomics and Systems Biology
Following journals publish articles in the area of Systems Biology with Synthetic Biology application :
  1. InternationalJournal of Systems Biology & Biomedical Technologies 
  2. Journal of Molecular Engineering & Systems Biology (open access)  
  3. Systems and Synthetic Biology 
Journals from other domain also publish research articles in the area of Systems Biology : 
1. Analyst,
2. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (open access),
3. Journal of Systems Science & Complexity,
4. Interface (open access),
5. Nature Biotechnology,
6. PLoS ComputationalBiology (open access),
7. Theoretical Biology& Medical Modelling (open access)

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